A Juice a Day

A Juice a Day


“Flue and cold free for the past 3 years… all it takes is a juice a day”- H. Stander (Co-Founder)

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Product Description

Nurish provides you with 32 juices to enjoy as you wish!

The 32 day – juice a day kit is the most ideal way to get your fruit and vegetables in daily.

Create you own juice cleanse?

Make use of this kit and create your own juice cleanse. This pack does not include teas so feel free to buy green tea or rooibos or herbal tea from your local supermarket and drink them in between your juices. We suggest 7 juices a day if you are planning to only juice and consume no solid food!

Are you very active?

Whole foods are good for you! If you are an active person and you enjoy exercise then you need to feed your body with nutrients to ensure that your cells have the food that they need to repair after exercise. Our juices are a great source of nutrients as they contain only the highest quality fruit and vegetables. The juices are a raw source of fruit and vegetables and will nourish your body and cells. Protein is very important for muscle repair. Lean, white meats and fish are great sources of low calorie protein. Vegetarian proteins consist of lentils, tofu, quinoa, soy milk, green peas, chia seeds,hemp seeds, kidney beans and black beans. Here is an interesting link showing 25 vegan protein options http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/vegan-sources-of-protein/

If you are not very active or have never enjoyed strenuous exercise before then you can always try a yoga or pilates class!

Remember – diet and exercise go hand in hand to achieving a healthy body and mind!

All you need to do is take the first step and journey with us to discover the meaning of ultimate health and wellness.



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